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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: The Way of Grace

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— Contents —
The Blossoming of Joy through the Art of Living:

Increased oxygen and vitality from Pranayama

Energy, cleansing and healing from Sudarshan Kriya

Serenity and silence of Self through deep Meditation

A healthful “tune-up” for body and mind from Yoga Asanas

Singing and Dancing to culture the heart

Laughter and Play to Celebrate each day of our lives

Making the world a better place and inspiring others through cheerful and dedicated Service (Seva)

Healing of heart, mind, body and soul

Periodic rejuvenating retreats in Silence

Advanced Courses with “Hollow and Empty” Meditation to free the mind from the deepest impressions

Profound Wisdom for practical living and success

Unfoldment and realization of the divine Love within us

Appreciation of life in all its totality and Beauty

Fullness of Grace and gratitude for all we have received

The most fortunate Satsang — a Master who with ever watchful eye guides us with his humble devotion

Learn Deep Meditation

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