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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: The Way of Grace

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A Master is the ocean of knowledge, the depths of love.

To be in the presence of an enlightened master is rare and unique in this world. It is the most fortunate opportunity for the seeker of truth — timeless moments that rapidly elevate one from sorrow and suffering to peace, clarity and purpose.

A master is like a window. He has a body, a frame. Yet through this living window you can glimpse infinity. A master is Divinity made manifest. To be blessed by his company and presence is satsang.

There is a difference between adoring a master and adoring a hero. A hero you idolize and keep above yourself. With the Master, you become like the Master; you imbibe all the qualities of the Master within you. With the Master you find it is within your reach to live the highest spiritual values on this earth. The Master is a living example of the unconditional love which you yourself can realize in your own life.

A master is a great mystery. He wants nothing from you; there are no demands. Only grace is flowing. He is like the ocean — always available for you according to your needs.

People choose to experience the ocean in various ways. Some enjoy the cool breeze and are satisfied. Others stroll along the beach and collect shells. Others take off their shoes and wade in the waves. Some enter fully and swim. Some dive to collect pearls. Others drill deep for oil and become rich. Some are satisfied to extract salt or harvest kelp.

Whatever one desires, the ocean does not judge. It is there only to serve you. The ocean never compels someone to dive for pearls if they simply want to enjoy the cool breeze. It is up to you.

Like this, the Master is the ocean of knowledge, the depths of love. He does not compel anyone to do anything, but he is fully available to help all who desire assistance.

Start your spiritual path from where you are. Go at your own pace. Feel for yourself the refreshing breeze of wisdom. Learn a few asanas. Do some breathing. Dive deep by learning the proper way to meditate. Walk on the path of love and play in the waves of beauty. You will find that grace dawns in your heart.

The best way for you to begin is to take the Healing Breath Workshop. You’ll gain important tools for joyful living and be introduced to all aspects of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s teachings (see page 82).

Start your spiritual path slowly, timidly — or dive in fully and get soaked in the knowledge. Whatever you choose, just start and go at your own comfortable pace.

It’s all up to you.


The company of the Divine — the grace of satsang — helps you to blossom in love.

Many enlightening talks are now available for you to enjoy on audiocassette and videotape (see pages 83 & 84 for info).

The Master individually goes through each and every one of the countless letters from people all over the world. Improvements in daily life, blessings and healings are common among those who have written about their concerns
and problems.

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