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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: The Way of Grace

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The Miracle of Grace, continued …

Guruji was coming from Paris to Connecticut. I decided to drive from my home in Washington, D.C. to go see him. On the way I picked up my cousin Sundra in New Jersey. We went to the J.F.K. Airport in New York and saw Guruji there briefly as he was passing through on his connection to Connecticut. Before continuing our travels we decided to have lunch in Jackson Heights. By 5:00 pm we had picked up Debbie and had left New York. We drove two more hours before the traffic came to a complete stop. As we moved along very slowly, I looked down at the gas gauge. It was on “empty.” I had last filled the tank back in D.C. We were all so worried that we would not make it to the next exit. We were praying we wouldn’t run out of gas. Then all of a sudden I saw the needle go up. I said to Debbie, “I don’t know what is going on here but it looks like we have half a tank.” She started to scream. She told me that she had just said to herself, “Guruji, you won’t let us run out of gas, will you?” We were all laughing and we could not believe what was happening. My cousin who does not do Kriya said that if she had not seen this with her own eyes she would not have believed it. The gas stayed half full until we reached the gas station at 10:20 pm. — Neelam Patel

In the summer of 1985 Punditji asked me to drive him to Winterthur (in the German section of Switzerland) to visit some people there. It was both his and my first visit to this town. Yet without so much as even a map, he was somehow able to show me the way: “Turn left.” “Turn right.” And through his guidance, we arrived! — Stella DuPuis

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