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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: The Way of Grace

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The World is My Family

All boundaries are man-made. What is the difference between Canada and America? A line was not drawn on the earth. It was drawn on a map. We feel so great and proud talking about our little part of the earth.

Our capacity to love depends on how deep and open we can be. With knowledge, by diving deep into oneself, the capacity to love becomes more. Usually we limit ourselves. We say, “I belong to this culture.” “I am from the East.” “I am from the West.” “I am from Germany.” “I am from France.” When we limit ourselves this way, our ability to love also becomes limited. People all over are dying for the sake of this small identification. “I am a Christian.” ” I am a Muslim.” “Hinduism is great,” (because I am a Hindu). “The Bible is great,” (because I am a Christian). “The Koran is the greatest in the world.” Buddhists say, “Buddha is the way. There is no other way,” (because I am a Buddhist). We think things are great just because we belong to that thing. We are stuck in that limitation.

Maturity means someone who does not limit the wealth that is present in the world and divide it. He says, “All the wealth of humanity belongs to me, whether it is the Gita or the Koran or the Bible…all this great wealth. The whole entirety belongs to me and I belong to everybody. I am at home anywhere, everywhere, with everybody. The world is my family.”

When love blossoms into this dimension, it becomes full, mature — it becomes divine. That is Enlightenment. In enlightened consciousness one does not divide things into small boundaries. One owns the entire wealth of humanity.

Then we are free like a bird — so free.

— Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Weggis, Switzerland has become a traditional location to ring in the new year with the Master, who sometimes teaches lakeside in this often mild wintertime climate. Lake Lucerne is set amidst the awesome splendor of the Swiss Alps.

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