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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: The Way of Grace

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The Miracle of Grace, continued …

Beloved Punditji: The night you gave my five year old daughter a hug she came running to me with bubbles of light beaming from her eyes, telling me about her joy. The next morning I asked, “What did your hug from Punditji feel like?” She replied, “Like rainbows, mama, like rainbows.” Her joy is contagious!

Guruji: For many years I felt stuck on a plateau, bored. Because of you I feel like I’m finally moving again, growing. Every day I seem to recall some pearl of wisdom you’ve given which helps me. I finally feel like my whole life is becoming spiritual.

Now that we have met, something has happened too beautiful to put into words. I gave up trying to understand and now I understand. I gave up needing and now I have no needs. By your grace I found that life is like a river, overflowing on all sides. This happiness is so obvious, so simple, it’s almost embarrassing. At times my mind races for a foothold, but there is none. The mind shouts, “You are deluding yourself, this is impossible!” But I don’t care whether it is possible or not. Let the mind shout all it wants! I am free. Because I am nothing that can be bound.

I can walk, taste, see, sing, and feel gratitude when I’m in the shower, when I’m outside, whatever I’m doing. And I’m grateful for being grateful. I feel the gift of life from God. I’m really living my life. I always wanted to be immersed in life but couldn’t do it until now.

For years I cried out to God to know Him more. I longed and longed. But I couldn’t believe that one day I would be so blessed. — Laura Weinberg

Before learning Sudarshan Kriya, I always squirmed at the term “God.” I saw it as a man-made term and religions as man-made. But after learning the Kriya, my awareness woke up to the miracle of creation, and only the term “God” makes it possible to speak of the greatness of the universe, its rightness and glory.

Often we are told “God is Love.” Yet how often are we able to directly know this from our own experience? I have experienced this truth, not only in meditation, but in daily living too. No matter what spiritual path you’re on, this knowledge can revitalize and deepen your path. — George James

Guruji: I wrote you five pages the other night when I couldn’t sleep, all in my head. It was a love letter. Tears keep flooding my eyes when I think of you or of something you’ve said. You are so wise and you keep answering my heart’s questions before I can get them written. I love your wisdom, your caring, and the funny, playful side of you. — Paula

On the Pittsburgh course I discovered you had taken my heart. Upset at this I screamed all night, begging for it back. On this present course, I again discover you have my heart. This time I am beseeching you over and over to keep it. Yes, it is painful, but only on the surface do I cry. Within I weep for joy. So I call to you again and again, take my heart, take my heart and keep it with you forever.

Great love embracing, cuddling everyone and everything — there is only One Great Love. Without it life would be devoid of any meaning whatsoever. If I love God so much, he must have loved me earlier. I do love, I am loving — now and from now on. — Ania, Poland

Dearest Guruji: Thank you for coming to Earth to show us the way back home. I love your humor and lightness of heart. I will follow your example and see the joy and goodness that are everywhere. — Linda Kurtonick

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