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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: The Way of Grace

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When intelligence and innocence go together, a profound beauty dawns.

As fullness dawns in us through the Art of Living, our lives rise more and more in waves of beauty.

Here is an excerpt from Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s exquisite series of talks, Waves of Beauty (now being made available in audiocassette, video and book formats).


The mind can know only facts. Beauty is nothing but exaggeration. There is no fact in beauty. If you try to analyze beauty with your mind, you are gone. And the beauty is gone.

Beauty is the language of heart. It decorates. It elaborates. It exaggerates. Even if you see one good quality in somebody, catch hold of it, exaggerate it. You will see that your word, your thought, and your intentions have powers. That person will become that way.

You create your people. You create your world. You may say this is exaggeration, but I tell you this is true. Life is very short. Time is running out. In this short period of time, why be bothered by others or bother others ourselves? Look at your life now through a broader vision, a wide-angle lens. Then you’ll see that life rises in waves of beauty.

At different stages, different things appear to be beautiful, but beauty is not that object or that thing. It is a sensation, a wave that comes in you that is your very nature. Whatever beauty you see here and there is only a projection of your Being. Whenever you have felt a sense of great beauty, that is when you have reached your home, that is when you have been in touch with yourself. Because you are so, so beautiful. That’s why something else in the world also looks beautiful to you.

You get a glimpse of Self; a little shower from this glimpse comes to you. When waves of beauty come to you unceasingly, that is called Enlightenment.

You have this depth; it’s not that you don’t. Take off all the silt and you’ll see that you are so deep, you are so beautiful.

Nothing much to be done. That is the power of this knowledge. — Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

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