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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: The Way of Grace

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The Middle Path

This path is the middle path. The golden path. Every step is complete in itself. It’s not that you are aiming for a goal after some time. The goal is where you are.

In this path you are enthusiastic, yet at the same time you are patient. You do not become lethargic, you do not postpone things.

Often when people want to do something good for their personal development, they leave it to God. They say, “God willing, it will come to me.” But when they want something in the world, they don’t say, “God willing, I will have a house.” You put your 100% into looking for relationships, for a house, for a job, for money, for entertainment. But when it comes to your spiritual growth, you postpone.”

People are often to one extreme or another. People who have great patience are generally lethargic; they will do it later. Other people are too restless; they want it right now. In this path, patience and dynamic enthusiasm are required
together. This is the golden rule.

— From Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s Commentary on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

“With spiritual growth you become like a crystal,” says Patanjali. A pure crystal assumes the color of the light reflected in it. Like this, the soul in you comes to reflect Divinity. Even the senses come to reflect the Divine. Your senses become totally active. When you look at a mountain, it reminds you of the Self, of consciousness. You look at a flower and the flower reminds you of consciousness. You look at the sun, moon, water, waves and they stir in you an idea of the unmanifest, formless energy of the Self. Every experience becomes bright and colorful. There is a keenness of observation. You become totally relaxed, yet at the same time you possess sharpness of awareness, strength of intelligence. Your senses become so clear. You can see better, think better, hear better. Like a pure crystal, your senses come to reflect all objects as one Divinity.

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