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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: The Way of Grace

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Programs for People Living with AIDS

Special Art of Living programs are now becoming available for people living with AIDS and those who are HIV+. Through extended practices, proper diet and deep rest, one becomes “housed in prana (life energy).” A new awareness results that enables one to go beyond limiting identifications with the body and disease. Fear evaporates and a deep experience of love and joy dawns.

The first 40-day in-residence program took place in summer ’94. Laughter, which was not noticed in the beginning, became commonplace. People became brighter, clearer, more alert, and much more centered. Things that bothered them before the course became unimportant as they found pure joy and love welling up within themselves for no apparent reason. They began to truly live in the present, dropping the regrets of the past and worry about the future. — Bryan Wagner

From Course Participants:

For the first time, I’ve lived. My outlook on life is more clear. — Jim Surak

I feel like I went through a mental shower. Before I was very angry and very sad about everything in the last 17 years. Now I’m just filled with joy and gratitude. I feel like a big balloon filled with love. — Silvio Lanaro

The Art of Living has definitely changed my life. Death can come today or I can win the lottery, and I would be unchanged. The course has dissolved the monkeys on my back. — James Green

My energy level has increased. I had been frequently nauseous and had a bad appetite. Now, no nausea and my appetite is normal. — C.C.

I’m no longer depressed or take Prozac. I’ve learned to live in the “now” …less concerned about the past and future. I feel more connected with the natural rhythms within me. — Ty M.

My doctor says I’ve never looked better. I’m much happier. The pain of peripheral neuropathy has decreased and I have more stamina. This is an extremely portable technique; you can take it anywhere and it’s easy to do. — Robert Perkins

No matter what happens to my body, my spirit goes on. My fear has dropped. A big weight has lifted from me. — T.G.

I’m realizing that I’m part of a much bigger picture. My problems or concerns aren’t important. Getting in touch with my spirituality has helped liberate me from the fear of dying. The fear of getting sick or dying isn’t there, so I’m healthier. — F.D.

I discovered within me a fountain of energy and love which is my essence. It has given me a spiritual rebirth. — David McColgin

}My heart is so full of love there is no room for fear. — Lisa Freedman

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