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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: The Way of Grace

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Experiences on the Healing Breath Workshop
(Note: The Healing Breath Workshop is now called the Art of Living Course, Part 1)

All the negative emotions which had been building up in me have gone. I feel alive with new energy. Once again I am able to smile from within.

My experience has been unbelievable and unexplainable. There is happiness and bliss in every cell of my body. I notice a greater sense of confidence, power, joy and delight. I am much more centered, happier and freer. I do not know what to say. I just feel that something has lifted.

I was more refreshed in one weekend than from a month of vacations. I felt immediately stronger, less shy, and more balanced.

I feel liberated after attending the course. My experience was so deep and inward that it is not possible for me to find words to describe it. Now that you have shown me the real path, I feel like rejoicing.

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